Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Omnibus Project?

  • We help to facilitate student and faculty research within the realm of political science. Each Fall and Spring, we invite students in various government classes to take part in the project. Instructors require participation or offer extra credit for participation in the project.  The Omnibus Project is a great tool for students interested in collecting data for honors theses, independent studies and research projects. 

What have been past research projects that have used the Omnibus Project?

  • The 2015-2016 Omnibus Project Student Director John Stuart used the Omnibus Project to collect data for his honors thesis. He wrote his honors thesis on Disgust: An Emotional Component of Conservative Attitudes toward Transgender Individuals. 

What does the Omnibus Project Student Director do?

  • The Student Director handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes and logistics of the Project. The director is in charge of programming the questions into qualtrics, hiring proctors, managing participant schedules, corresponding with researchers and faculty, obtaining completion statistics and solving problems that may arise. The student director works directly with Professor Settle and Professor Holmes, as well as student researchers.

How can I get involved in the Omnibus Project?

  • You will receive an email at the beginning of the semester inviting you to participate in the Omnibus Project. 

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