Funding Your Research

Funding Opportunities for Conferences

If you are interested in attending a research conference, there are many funding opportunities available at the College to support you. The most important thing is to plan early. In the past few years, W&M students in the social sciences have attended the American Political Science Association’s annual meeting, the Midwest Political Science Association’s annual meetingthe International Studies Association annual meeting, and the Political Networks Conference annual meeting. First, coordinate with other students who are interested in attending. Arranging to room and travel together can keep costs down significantly. Additionally, in past years, students have reported that it is a much better experience to attend with fellow W&M folks. Between funds provided by the Government Department, the Charles Center, and the Student Conference Fund, there are many resources available on campus to assist with the cost of conferences.

  • Charles Center: Attached is a link to an example document form used in past requests to the Charles Center for conference funding. You should work with your faculty member to request funds on your behalf.
  • Government Department: Attached is a link to a sample proposal a former student wrote to request money from the department. Again, coordinate with your faculty mentor.
  • Faculty Mentor: Sometimes, the faculty member with whom you are working may have some money to help support your attendance. Remember that if you apply for a Charles Center Honors Fellowship and receive it, both you and your mentor receive a stipend that can be used to support travel for research purposes.
  • Student Conference Fund: Below is a link to apply for funds from the Office of Student Leadership:

Here are two sample proposals:

Here are some additional links