GOVT 394

A core aspect of the SSRMC is teaching and training students in the methods they need to meaningfully engage with faculty on collaborative research projects. To support this process, the government department offers students an opportunity to participate in faculty research projects for course credit through GOVT 394 Directed Research. GOVT 394 is a course offering that involves research-based pedagogy. In these courses students and faculty will work together to create a plan of study that is specifically focused on a research skill that is difficult to obtain in a traditional classroom environment. Skills that are particularly well-suited for this type of learning include coding quantitative and qualitative data, writing grant proposals, conducting experiments, conducting field work, and elite interviewing. Students in GOVT 394 courses will work one-on-one or in a group directed by a faculty member.

This class may be repeated for credit, though only a total of six credits of independent work–including internships (GOVT 494), independent studies (GOVT 498) and directed research (GOVT 394)–may count toward the required hours for the major.   Also, no more than three credits total GOVT 394/494/498 may be counted for students also counting GOVT 495-496, Honors, to the major.