We are currently developing a number of short research methods “workshops” that are designed to supplement the training that students receive in the core methods curriculum. These workshops are specifically designed to provide the research methods tools and skills necessary to conduct their own research projects or to assist faculty with research projects in a collaborative environment. Additionally, the workshops provide tangible and marketable skills for post-graduation employment and/or graduate school. We seek to provide students with the types of skills that employers increasingly demand, and expect, from recent graduates.

The structure of the workshops is still being developed but will utilize online tools and emphasize “hands on” pedagogy. Templates and materials will be jointly created between faculty and research methods fellows and these materials will be available online, with the core experience of the workshop focused on conducting independent work. A sample workshop may include the following elements:

  • initial and on-going instruction time with the faculty member
  • discussion and workshopping with faculty member during office hours
  • discussion and workshopping with teaching assistant during office hours
  • student time engaged in independent work
  • a final capstone/portolio project created by the student at the end of the workshop